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Successful hairdressers don't just work harder than others, they work a lot more harder than others, and a few are able to be.

But how do they do it?

In our jobs, we must distinct two sides. First are dued daily activities at the salon -in order to earn a monthly salary- and the second is the time we devote to hairdressing by passion, outside the regulated office hours.

A study on the human brain tells us that all the persons who reach an excellence level in their fields have one thing in common : at least 10 000 hours of extraprofessional training...

According to neurologist Daniel Levitin, it's the magical number : " 10 000 hours is the necessary time needed to become a true expert in his field. This explains why some persons are fastest to learn or why some train as much without reaching their goal... Nevertheless, nothing proved to this day that we can do it by working less. This is also why they so few!"

Excellence hates routine

Success notion depends of course on each person, and the easier is to give ourselves as an excuse the idea that we don't want to be famous... This allows us to do nothing more and to stay in our routine, but hairdressing is a job made out of excellence and it hates routine.

The fact is wanting to be famous in the activity we do for a living isn't harmful as a goal. Being young, we must think to all this because when starting soon enough the dream is possible. But more you wait, more the possibility walks away... The worst may be wanting it too late, when there is too little energy and time to achieve your dream.

So, knowing that, how much unpaid extra hours are you ready to work in order to take the risk to be a great success!

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