Your beauty workshop
Your beauty is enhanced, every gesture transforms itself in a unique beauty experience, in order to fully enjoy your day, your rendez-vous or your mariage, being sure of your charm, proud of your beauty.

Suzishe® workshop promotes self-esteem, wellness and we listen to all your wishes very carefully, in a chic and friendly ambience.

Our hearty and warm team offers advices that will sublimate your natural beauty and will enhance your personality, your style.

- Two times per year, Suzishen® elaborates a new collection, quintessence of the experience and talent of Jean-Yves Boronat, available in the Lady's salon. It's elaborated with an innovative approch, creating an atmosphere of relaxation, dream and well-being.

- Caring for the health of your hair, our experts colorists will offer you the most gentle technologies.

- Inspired by the beauty institutes, the hair products we use are true cares, merging cosmetic and innovative hair products.

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