High end services
A hearty, welcoming, nice and discreet team, also offering you :

- Hairdressing space for Ladies
- Men barbershop
- Hair care space

- Make-up and nails

- At home beauty and weddings "Suzishen at home"

- Refined musics
- Exceptional Suzishen teas

Services in well-being are liked for their quality and Suzishen's work is excellency based. The place is entirely made for your well-being.

At the heart of this space, you have a friendly place allowing you to stay connected if you wish : business corner, wifi, drinks, press, TV, lounge musics...

Suzishen® at home :

Because sometimes you want special attention : at home, during holidays, at your office, during a trip, at your hotel or for a professional event as well as private, we offer to come to you.

Suzishen® team, made of hairdressers for women and men, make-up artists, manicures, pedicures and look advisers, is available for you "wherever you are".

04 93 58 12 68 (Service available only for SuzishenŽ customers, details at the salon).