Jean-Yves Boronat
Jean-Yves Boronat
After his first steps in the hairdressing family salon, Jean-Yves Boronat is quickly noticed and trained by the biggest names when he's just 17 years old.

Joining the prestigious Haute Coiffure Française l'Oréal International team, as a creative hairdresser, he becomes at age 22 the youngest of he 12 best creators in the world. In just a few years, he consecutively wins the World Champion title tree times and the European Champion title also tree times.

At the same time, he expands his knowledge by obtaining a Master's degree in Marketing and Communication, which gives him a solid education in operational marketing, industrial event management, concept and brand launching on the international market.

His passion, his motivation, the quality of his work are widely acknowledged and they make him work in the movie, theater and fashion fields. He participates to the creation and the beauty concept of events made by Haute Couture famous names such as Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Dior, Lanvin, Lacroix, Givenchy, Issey Miyake, Thierry Mugler, Pierre Cardin, Paco Rabanne and Jean-Louis Scherrer.

Jean-Yves Boronat travels around the world, he study the birth of new trends and becomes also an international instructor. His vanguard expertise produce unanimously applaused styles, raising the share market of luxury famous brands.

Today, he decides to create his own brand, Suzishen®, offering his know-how and his talent to customers looking for elegance, friendliness and well-being.

"Among all human phenomenons, the one for which it doesn't exist a presetted pattern is the area of encounters between individuals. Truly new forms of creativity come from this process"