20 principles
Principles of the Suzishen® training
  • A satisfied customer is a faithful customer.
  • One customer lost, ten customers lost.
  • A lot of time is needed to gain the trust of a customer and very little to lose it.
  • What else can I do for my customer?
  • Little flaws make big failures.
  • Smile on the phone, it is visible.
  • Each customer is irreplaceable. Tell him.
  • After-sales sells.
  • Your moods doesn't concern anybody.
  • Surprise your customer by an unexpected gift.
  • Is it really a pleasure to be your customer?
  • Are you sure to never give to your customer the feeling that he bothers you?
  • Treat each customer like a Guest, with a capital "G".
  • His problem must become yours.
  • Buying must be a pleasant act. Don't make it a painful thing.
  • The biggest success come often from simple ideas.
  • Kindness is a selling factor.
  • What is good for your customer is good for you.
  • There isn't a small detail. Check one more time...
  • There is surely something that you can do better.

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